Since 2009 Android and Phaedrana Jones have been pioneering the emergence of a new type of interactive live expression that has pushed interpersonal, artistic, and technological boundaries. Our work explores human potential using technology as a tool for illustrating connectivity.


PHADROID is a synthesis of the visible and the invisible expressed through a seamless fusion of cutting edge visual technology and dance.


It appears as projected visuals – directed live by the stylus pen of the digital artist – follow, initiate, accentuate or intuitively blend in with the fluidity of motion created on stage. This invisible interaction is seen projected in real time – and not through any motion-tracking device – onto the dancing body.





PHADROID COLLECTIVE is the expansion of this well-established performance model into a creative multidisciplinary venture that connects, across the globe, creative artists and technological innovators to, as a collective, inspire the public domain and harness this momentum to discover uncharted territory.



“…wherein one recognizes one’s true being in relation to that reality, and realizes one’s identity with it by being absorbed into it.”


(Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi)